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Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary


We established Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary, at Sandleton SA, in 1979, initially starting with 100 acres. Since then Entwood has grown to 1800 acres. Ownership has passed to our children Lenny and Lissy Donald, who intend to maintain the property as a Wildlife Sanctuary. For now management remains with us.

Since 1985 the Sanctuary has been covered by Heritage agreements with the South Australian government. These agreements are binding on all future titleholders over the land and protect the fauna and flora in perpetuity by restricting damaging activities (clearing, grazing domestic animals, building, vehicle access and hunting).
In 1992, Entwood was officially declared a Sanctuary; and listed as such in the government gazette adding weight to the protection of its wildlife.
Visits can be made by appointment only.
Wayne & Cheryl Donald